Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks Comrades!

There is a bond formed by men who are committed to a cause be it athletics, fraternal order or military. This bond or friendship lifts us up and separates us from the natural man. It sustains us through good and bad times remembering the trials, hardwork, libertys, tears and laughter. For this friendship I give thanks on this Thanksgiving day and pray that all my Altair shipmates have a wonderful day shared with family and friends.

Tom (Alvarez) Planes, Altair 60-63

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Dick Braun SN/MA 62 - 63 said...

Hello to all former Altair personnel.....

In light of Tom Planes note I'll follow suit and wish crew members of the Altair era happy holidays. Certainly some of my best recollections of Navy life center around the time that I was attached to Altair in '66 -'68 as DCA. Great times! The time since has passed very quickly. I wonder if any other sailors remember Capt. Hoke, Ben Witt, Gerry McGourthey, John Nania, John Stansell, Dick Hill, Gene Olsen, and Ben Johnson; all department heads at about that time. Happy holiday season to all.

Keith Fraser