Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mini reunion by Charles Brecheisen

Greetings Altair Shipmates. Here is some 'mini' info on our 'Mini' reunion.

Place: Ramada Inn
7401 Northwoods Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29406
Tel: 843-572-2200
Fax: 843-863-8316
Direct Line: 843-414-2210

Convenient to the airport and Interstate Highways

Dates: October 26-28, 2007

Price: $79 Single or Double; includes full hot buffet breakfast
Rooms are blocked out in the USS Altair name

You will be responsible for reserving your own room!

We will have a hospitality room close to the restaurant. There will be lots of time for meetings and BS sessions. We will also be planning our next 'major' reunion.

There will be a $25 per couple registration fee so the hospitality room can be adequately stocked.

For furthur information please contact Tom Planes at

In a week or two, I will be snail mailing additional information to the entire Altair crew so the shipmates that do not have Internet will have all the information.

As usual, please do not reply to this email. If you want to reply to me, please use

Best Regards To All........Charles

Shipmate Passing by Charles Brecheisen

Greetings Altair Crew.

Unfortunately, I received the following two emails.

"For those of you who knew my father Ira E. Rubin, it is with extreme sadness the I have to share with you of his passing. Dad died on Sunday August 12, 2007 after a valiant battle with heart disease. As with everything, dad put all his efforts improving his health and making himself better. Unfortunately, he couldn't win this one.

He always cherished his memories and friends from the Navy and was extremely pleased to have been able to help plan your recent reunion.

Scott Rubin"

"It is with great sadness that I share the news with your group of the passing of Ira E. Rubin. As he chaired your recent reunion, many of you know him. Dad served on the USS Altair in the late 50's. Dad passed away on Sunday, August 12, 2007 after a long battle with heart disease. He gave it a great fight, but in the end he just couldn't fight any longer.

Dad was very proud of his service in the Navy and of being able to help plan your reunion. He was very pleased to get everyone together and of the success of the event.

If you would like to send your sympathies to my mother, you may do so at the following address:

Lois Rubin
621 Ridge Road
Highland Park, IL 60035

Thank you for being part of his life.

Scott Rubin"

How sad..........Ira was a great friend and did such a wonderful job in running our first reunion. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rubin family.


Altair News by Charles Brecheisen

Hello Shipmates. Several weeks ago, I received a copy of a letter from Shipmate Ronald Allan addressed to Mrs. Laidler Mackall. Ronald requested that I send information that I had about Captain Colbert to Mrs. Mackall. I sent her a nice letter plus the additional unpublished "Tour Memories" authored by Ed Johnson. In a couple of weeks I received the following letter:

"Dear Mr Brecheisen: I very much appreciate you sending me the Newsletter on the USS Altair. It brought back many happy memories of our time in Barcelona. I would very much like to contribute to the "Altair Plaque" at the Navy Memorial. I was on the Board of the Memorial for many years, when we were getting it started. I have tried several times to call you, but get the "answer off" on your machine - so I presume you are out of town. I would very much appreciate it if you could call me on our return tel: No. 301-xxx-xxxx, so I can find out how best to contribute. Thank you so much. Sincerely,

Prudence Colbert Mackall
(widow of Adm. Colbert)"

All I can say is is WOW! Admiral Colbert's widow! I remember seeing her during the change of command. We chatted on the phone quite a long time.


Here is the kicker!!!!!!! We have $1650 in donations for the Altair Plaque. SHE IS SENDING ME $950 to complete the required $2500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More info to follow soon.

Best Regards To All...........Charles

July 2007 by Charles Brecheisen

SHIPMATE: I had an email concerning Frank McCrystal, SK2, 1955-58 that he recently had open heart surgery. Our thoughts and prayers are with Frank and the McCrystal family.

NAVY DRILL TEAM: The U.S. Navy drill team is truly outstanding! You can view them in action by going to and doing a search on "Navy Norway"; and when the list comes up, click on the first one. This is for high speed internet connections only. I downloaded the 53.5 meg. file and it plays much better from the computer download. I watch this movie at least once a month.

COMPUTER: The power supply in my desktop computer popped, sparked and burned a couple of days ago. And, of course, everything is on the desktop. I could use the laptop, but it runs Vista and is not compatible with my XP files. Thank you very much Bill Gates. So, hopefully, it is only the power supply and it can be repaired. I will know in a few days.

FINANCIAL: Well, my specific figures are on the desktop, but here are some totals. The beginning July balance was $1949.05 with $185.00 cash received and no expenses leaving a balance of $2134.05. Most of this was for the Altair Memorial Plaque.

ALTAIR PLAQUE: Money and pledges are still coming in and the total is around $1500 not. GREAT JOB SHIPMATES! Keep 'em coming!

WEB SITE: Are there any HTML gurus out there? I am not able to change anything on our website as the uSoft software I used is a million years out of date. We need a web guru to do a new Altair website. Any takers, please contact me at

Tom Planes et al are still working on a 'mini reunion' either late September or early October in Charleston. Please contact Tom with any info/commitments, etc. at More info to follow when available.

That's all from this end. Please contact me at with any comments, etc.

Best Wishes To All.......Charles

June 2007 by Charles Brecheisen

ALTAIR PLAQUE: Rich Jenikovsky has sent a $50 challenge! The first committment foraa $50 match will be met! Only one time! Come on shipmates...... The Altair plaque fund has reached $1310 in pledges and cash. Great job but I know you can do better.

SHIPMATES PASSING: I received the following email:

"USS Altair Alumni; I regretfully report the passing of one of your shipmates, Russell C. Gott, 1955-1956, FN, MN. He passed away peacefully in his sleep while hospitalized in Minnesota Friday June 15th 2007. His wife Magda is still here and can be contacted at I am his next door neighbor and have enjoyed the stories of the Altair over the years, and am reporting this to you to help his wife at this difficult time.

Thank You, DeWayne Morse"

Mrs. Gott can be reached at:

15334 Dresden Way
St Paul, MN 55124-6831

FINANCIAL: The beginning balanced was $1849.05 with $100 received and zero expenses leaving a balance of $1949.05. $90 of the received was for the plaque fund.

All for now. We are still getting lots and lots of rain daily and there seems no end in sight. Septic systems are overflowing everywhere due to the high water table. We have had a drought for the past 7 years and it looks like it is over. Lillie and I are growing gills and webbed hands and feet. Please contact me at with any comments or questions.

Best Regards To All.......Charles

Shipmate Isaacs passing.

I received the following email:

RE: Altair Monthly Report
Please remove my husband's name from your email list - Leslie A. Isaacs He passed away Dec. 2004.
Elaine Isaacs

Shipmate Isaacs was a FN aboard in 1952. Mrs. Isaacs can be reached at:
Mrs. Elaine Isaacs
3306 Densmore Ct.
Silver Spring, MD 20906-1832

Best Regards, Charles

May 2007 by Charles Brecheisen

DROUGHT: We have been in a 7 year drought here in E. TX; and, other areas of the country too. BUT, Lillie and I are now growing gills and webbed feet and hands and do not see the sun for days at a time. All it dues is rain, rain and more rain. Its either feast or famine.

FINANCIAL: The beginning balance was $1674.05 with $175 in dues received and wall project donations with no expenses leaving a balance of $1849.05. Thanks to all paying dues! The "special fund" remains the same.

WALL PROJECT: I have only received $1120 in cash and commitments for the wall plaque. If we do not reach our goal in the next few months, I will return the cash received to the respective shipmates. Come on shipmates! This is a worthwhile project and we need to reach our goal of $2500!

All for now. Please contact me at with any comments or questions.

Best Regards To All.........Charles