Sunday, September 11, 2016

2017 reunion at Myrtle Beach by Dick Stader

All Hands USS Altair AKS 32
From MMCM Dick Stader
Subj: 2017 Altair Reunion

Charles could you please send this letter out to all hands about our up coming plans for the reunion that Dan Douglas and I are trying to put together for next year 2017.

Dan Douglas and I are planing a reunion in 2017 at Myrtle Beach, S.C. For late September early October as soon as we can get all the information and plans made with Pam Brown of Gatherings Plus who we have worked with before and who we trust with doing a good job for us again.We picked Myrtle Beach because it is a good spot for a reunion with lots to do and see and because no one else seems to want to do any of the work involved with planning and setting it up and because we can't have it in everyone's back yard as some folks would it to be.We will be sending out all of the information and specifics just as soon as we get them ironed out with Pam Brown, so until then sit tight and wait for Dan and I to do our thing.  

Fair Winds and Following Seas to all our Shipmates out there.      Dick Stader

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

August 2016 by Charles Brecheisen

Greetings Altair Shipmates.  Here is your monthly report for August

First of All:  Hail Houston Cougars, hail yes!
                  Hail Oklahoma Sooners, Hail NO!!!!
                  (Sorry about that!)

It's September and football season is here!  Yea!

FINANCIAL:  The beginning cash-on-hand balance was $892.75 with $20.00 income and no expenses leaving a balance of $912.75.  The Altair savings beginning and end is $8,545.32 totaling $9,458.07.

REUNION:  We are still looking for shipmates input as to where to hold our next reunion!

If you anticipate moving or changing email addresses, ,please keep me posted as we don't want to lose contact with any shipmate.

All for now.  Please use (cmbaltairals32 [at] for any questions or comments.

Best Wishes To All...........Charles