Sunday, August 16, 2015

New and improved photo site.

Greetings Altair Shipmates.

Our photo guru, Dick Braun, has spent the last few days revising the Altair photo album.  The album has a totally different look and feel and the picture quality is a lot better.  Congratulations Dick!  You can send congrats and comments to Dick at "dbraun [at]"

Please visit the album site at

Best Regards To All.......Charles

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Altair Ship's Bell & Plaques

Greetings Altair Shipmates.

Shipmate Dick Braun has uploaded photos of the Altair ships' bell and "Battle Efficiency Competition" plaques for 1961, 64 and 65.  

They can be viewed at the Altair photo site at

Thanks Dick!!!

Best Regards To All...........Charles

Monday, August 03, 2015

July 2015 by Charles Brecheisen

Greetings Altair Shipmates.  Here is your monthly report for July 2015.

NEW ALTAIR SHIPMATES:  Please welcome aboard the new shipmates:

    Fallone, Arthur A., SN, 1959-1960, Chelsea, AL
    Bailey, Ernest R., SN, 1960-1961, Stephenson, VA
    Verdow, Richard L., LCDR, 1960-1962, Sterling, VA
    McCarty, Richard L., LRJG, 1960-1961, Phoenix, AZ

ALTAIR SHIPMATES PASSING:  The following shipmates passed:

    Warren, Gerald F., BT3, 1959-1960; passed 2010
         Shipmate Warren's wife would like to hear from shipmates that
         knew Gerald;  [SandyW88 [at]]
    Spaulding, Frank H., LTJG, 1959-1960; passed 2005
    Rozyczaka, Ronald F., EM2, 1957-1960; passed 2009
    Spaits, George F., RM3, 1957-1960, passed 2013
    Lanzone, Paul, BM3, 1963-1964, passed 2015

    Our sincerest condolences to the families.

FINANCIAL:  There was no expenses nor income for July.  The beginning and ending cash-on-hand balance is $331.34.  The beginning and ending savings balance is $8068.25 for a grand total of $8399.59.

REUNION:  The reunion is getting closer!!  Need to get everyone on board!!

All for now.  Please do not reply to this email.  For comments or additional info, please use cmbaltairaks32 [at]

Best Wishes To All..........Charles