Sunday, December 17, 2006

November 2006 by Charles Brecheisen

SHIPMATES: One new shipmate came on board during November; LTJG David Cullen, 1961-1963. Shipmate Cullen resided in Vienna, VA and is the 411th. shipmate on board.

FINANCIAL: The beginning December balance was $1456.64 with income of $10.00 and expenses of $41.07 for postage leaving a balance of $1425.57. Thanks to all!

EMAIL: I must say again please do NOT reply to this email either to me or all the addressees. Since I have been getting 30-40 SPAM emails a day I have set the filter to reject ALL emails. Please use is a great email service and does a great job of filtering out SPAM.

INTERNET: If you do a lot of surfing on the Internet, you might consider downloading the "McAfee SiteAdvisor." Its a free download and rates each site with either a green check mark indicating a safe site; or a question mark for an untested site; or, a red check mark indicating a very unsafe site. It works great.

PHOTO UPLOAD AND NEWSLETTER: I seem to be spending most of my time at the doctors, etc. and still have not done anything about setting up the photo site. Same with working on a new newsletter. But, both are on the top of my priority list and will be done.

Best Regards To All......Charles

September 2006 by Charles Brecheisen

FINANCIAL: The beginning September balance was $1356.64 with dues paid of $40 and no expenses leaving a balance of $1396.64. The "special fund" remains the original same. A record of 76 shipmates have paid dues! Many thanks to all!

SHIPMATES: Fred Keefer LTJG 1960-1962 found another new shipmate, John C. Jefferies, CT1 1960-1963. John resides in Molino, Florida.

SHIPMATES PASSING: Thanks to Fred Keefer for most of this information.

Gene Van Der Molen, FTSN 1952; passed August 2006.

Ed Stephens, RD2 1964-1966; passed July 2006; Ed was a movie and TV actor.

Bernard Ruckhardt, QMC 1960-1962; passed December 1997.

Alfred E. Menard, SM2 1960-1962; passed May 2002.

Morris Kanefsky, SK2 1959-1960; passed July 2001.

I distinctly remember Shipmate Menard as we used to "hang out" together on liberty. And, he used to let me us the signal lights communicating between ships. We used to call him "Alfred E. Neuman" after the character in Mad Comics.

The severe drought continues here in East Texas. We have lost over 75% of our beautiful dogwood trees and many oak trees have died also. And, no relief in sight. I have not done much on the photograph web site as it seems that Lillie and I spend most of our time either at the hospital or at the doctors office. I really don't like getting old!

All for now. Please contact me at with any comments or questions.

Best Regards to All . . . . Charles

October 2006 REPORT by Charles Brecheisen

FINANCIAL: The beginning October balance was $1396.64 with dues paid of $60 and no expenses leaving a balance of $1456.64. A total of 80 shipmates have paid dues. Many thanks!

SHIPMATES: Three new shipmates came on board in October bringing the total to 410 shipmates! Jim Brooks, YN3 was aboard 1961-63. Frank
DiSalvo, RM3 was aboard 1963-1964. And, Granville Nelson, SK2 was aboard 1959-1962. Many of you might remember Shipmate Nelson as the ships' barber giving haircuts on the main deck. I sure do remember him! Granville later transferred to stores and was a SK2. I also remember Jim Brooks.

All for now. Please contact me with any comments or questions and please us my other email address

Best Regards To All . . . . Charles