Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shipmate Passing

Greetings Altair Shipmates. On March 12th I received the following email from Mike Troiano:

"Our shipmate and my dear friend Albert J. Pizzo passed away today after a 2 year battle with lung cancer. Please add AJ's name to our growing memorial list. Thanks. Regards, Mike"

Our sincerest condolences to the Pizzo family. The family can be reached at:

Al Pizzo Family
15 Grandview Place
Sewell, NJ 08080


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

February 2008 by Charles Brecheisen

SHIPMATE PASSING: We lost Shipmate Jerry Daney February 19. Jerry was a SK2 and aboard the Altair 1955-1958. Our condolences to the Daney family.

FINANCIAL: Our beginning balance was $3175.35 with income of $430.00 and expenses of $126.45 leaving a balance of $3478.90 The expense was for our web site. $350 of the income was pledges for the Altair Plaque.

ALTAIR PLAQUE: WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!! We now have the entire cost of the Altair Plaque covered and it is on order. The plaque ceremony will be Thursday, October 23, 2008 promptly at 1PM. More information will be forthcoming in our next Altair Newsletter. The following weekend will be the Altair Reunion at Myrtle Beach, SC. Special thanks go to Mrs. Dan Thrasher, widow of Dan, for her generous contribution to the plaque fund. More information to follow as soon as it is available.

NEW SHIPMATES: Please welcome aboard Bruce Davis, 1962-62. Bruce lives in Orlando, Fl.; and, Bob Smith, SK3 from Norwich, NY. WELCOME ABOARD!

If you need any additional information about the Altair Plaque or the next reunion, please contact me at

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!!! I have been getting 50-60 spams a day at this email address and have set the options to delete 100% of incoming email. Please use my address. Thanks!

Best Regards To All........Charles

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shipmate Passing

Greetings Altair Shipmates. I regret to inform you that the following shipmate passed on February 19, 2008:

Gerald "Jerry" Daney SK2 1955-1958

Condolences can be sent to:

The Daney Family
104 Wren Drive
Larksville, PA 18704

All the USS Altair Shipmates send their condolences to the Daney Family.

January 2008 by Charles Brecheisen

ALTAIR PLAQUE: We have received $2810 in pledges and have received $2400. The total cost of the plaque and ceremony is $3000! If you pledged, please send in your pledge. The ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, October 23, 2008, the day before the Altair reunion. The ceremony is in Washington DC and is a proud moment for the USS Altair. Jim Phippard has selected the site for the plaque. Please plan to attend.

FINANCIAL: The beginning balance was $3156.82 with income of $535.00 (split between dues and plaque) with expenses of $516.47 leaving a balance of $3175.35. The first payment of $500.00 was made on the plaque. Once the date is confirmed (we are waiting for Admiral Colbert's wife to respond) then $2500.00 will be due immediately.

ALTAIR SHIPMATES: January was a good month for new shipmates as we board 4 new shipmates! WELCOME ABOARD!

John E. Simonides, SK3, 1966-68, Stony Creek, CT
Robert S. Lasky, SK3, 1955, Kewanee, IL
John K. Mowitz, SN, 1960-61, Merrimac, WI
Jim Ledden, SFM3, 1968, Valdese, NC

ALTAIR REUNION: As soon as more info is available on our next reunion in October, I will get a news letter on the way to all.

INSTANT MESSAGING: Both Martin Summann and I are set up on instant messaging. Martin is set up on Messenger as and I am set up on Yahoo IM as cmbaltairaks32 or maybe the has to be on there too. Both instant messaging systems will talk to each other and Martin and I communicate almost daily. I used to be on AOL I.M. but am not any more.

All for now. Please contact me at cmbaltairaks32@fastmail with any questions or comments.

Best Regards To All..........Charles