Saturday, October 10, 2009

Video of 1964 Med. tour and shore leaves.

ENS. Mark Simon provided us with videos that he took while aboard the Altair in 1964 - 1965. They can be found at During his tour the Altair lost a Helo at sea and Mark was filming at the time. This scene is at the 4 Minute and 28 second mark of Part 4.

Mark was using a Super 8mm camera to film his travels. Then recently recorded the movie film onto VHS tape. He was kind enough to send me the tape and I converted it to DVD and to PC format. Split it down into 10 minute segments and then placed the segments on the photo album web site.

Thanks again Mark!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

September 2009 by Charles Brecheisen

ALTAIR REUNION: Just a few weeks away!! Dick Stader reminds us that Branson is a casual place. I certainly intent to dress casual.

The beginning September cash balance was $1070.71 with paid dues of $60.00 and expenses of $104.56 leaving a cash on-hand balance of $1026.15. Expenses included paper, print ink and stamps. The savings account balance was $1818.69 leaving a total cash balance of $2844.84.

NEW SHIPMATES: Welcome aboard Robert A. Belaire, Claremont, NH, IC3 1963/64; Michael P. Buckey, ENFN, Grafton, OH 1963; Arlen W. Jones, LT (Helo Pilot), 1962, Virginia Beach, VA; and, William R. Birt, RM3, 1963-1965, Live Oak, FL.

SHIPMATES PASSING: We were notified of the following shipmates passing:

John B. Dudley, Captain, 1962; passed August 6, 2006
Donald Dufresne, SK3, 1957; passed September 25, 2009
Oliver F. Midgette, CDR XO, 1963-1965; passed June 11, 2002
Donald J. Cosby, LTJG, 1963-1965, Passed December, 1994

Ever wonder about some of those old navy ratings and what they referred to? Try

RELATIVES IN THE CIVIL WAR? If you think, or know you had relatives that participated in the Civil War, either for the North or the South, please visit and you will visit the entire 128 volume set of the "Official Records of the Civil War." There is an index that can be referenced.

All for now. See ya' at the reunion. Please do NOT reply to this email but use cmbaltairaks32 [at] for any questions of comments.

Best Regards To ALL..........Charles