Saturday, September 07, 2013

August 2013 by Charles Brecheisen

Sorry for the delay and lack of response for the past several weeks.  My email address got "stolen" and apparently I was sending out SPAM to the world.  Fastmail, which is now run by Opera, shut down my email site until I cleaned the malware out.  My computer was almost trashed from the malware/virus and still is not "right."  In and out of the shop twice and has still major problems which I am working around.  I think a new computer is in the works.

FINANCIAL:  The previous cash-on-hand was $726.31 with $170.00 DUES income and no expenses leaving a balance of $896.31.  The beginning and ending savings balance is $6794.18.  Total Altair balance is  $7690.49.

REUNION:  The New Orleans Altair reunion September 23-26th.  See Ya There!

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