Monday, January 09, 2012

Shipmate Passing

Greetings Altair Crew. Here is info from Shipmate Bob Delaney about the passing of Shipmate Robert Dombrowski.

"Hi I just learned about Robert Dombrowski's passing away..

I was notified of it by his Daughter in law Leah Dombrowski.

He died from misothelioma. Bob was a Boiler Tender (snipe) in 61 to 63 as I recall. He liked Barcelona and Naples a lot.

I don't know the exact date but its been about a month ago.

If you can pass it along to the guys I'd be greatful.

Thanks Bob Delaney"

Shipmate Dombrowski's family can be reached at:

Robert Dombrowski Family

511 Howland Avenue

Toledo, OH 43605

Our condolences to the Dombrowski family.

Best Regards To All........Charles

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