Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greetings Altair Crew. Here is a ?Special Altair Report?

Reunion Chairman John B. Thomas, citing ?personal reasons? has resigned as reunion chairman. Our next reunion is in October 2012 in Tampa, Florida; and, the following year in New Orleans. We need a shipmate(s) to step up and take over the 2012 Tampa reunion; and, the 2013 New Orleans reunion. Please contact myself or Tom Planes at ?tomplanes [at]

It has come to my attention that we need a more formal and current leadership team for the Altair Association. When this all began about 10 years ago, a board was ?formed? consisting 6 (six) shipmates to help with the direction of the group, reunions, dues, membership, expenses, etc. These six shipmates were the first original shipmates found! I now have 486 shipmates on my mail list of which about 145 do not have email access. IT IS TIME FOR A NEW BOARD! Please email me with YOUR nominations for the Altair Board. You can list yourself, any one member, or several shipmates that you would like to see on the board. I will tally names and put out a list to select five shipmates; I will also snail mail the non-email shipmates for their votes including ?write-in? votes. It seems the only fair way to get a new board and a new direction for our Association.

The Altair Association has been very fortunate with Martin Summann taking over the Altair web site; and Dick Braun handling the Altair Blog and Photograph sites. Great job guys!

A fairly quick response is needed to both the items (1) the 2012 Tampa reunion leadership; and, (2) nominees to the new Altair board. PLEASE RESP0ND QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

Please DO NOT reply to this email. Use cmbaltairaks32 [at] or Tom Planes email address.

Best Regards To All????.Charles

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