Monday, January 03, 2011

Shipmate Passing and request for information

I am the daughter of one of your fellow shipmates, Jimmy Norton. He was also in the service with his brother Wayne, if that helps ring a bell. He just passed away December 29 and I'm trying to make a scrapbook for my daughters. I want them to have as many stories of their grandfather as possible since they won't remember him. I had taken some notes about the few stories he could remember but I've lost the paper. He mostly talked about being friends with Pizzo, who I saw has passed away as well. Does anyone remember him or have any information you could share with me? It would make my year as I miss him so much and these stories help me to feel closer to him. I have some pictures from his tours but I do not know who the other people are with my dad. Is there somewhere I can post them to possibly get an answer?


Ashley Norton-McClure -- ashleyrmcclure at yahoo(dot)com

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