Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Questions from an ill shipmate

LTJG Jay Edwards Kerney

Navigator USS Altair AKS -32


Email: Kerney (at) spiceisle (dot) com

USA Cell Phone 757 325 0375 Good only when I am in the USA.

Home address:
PO Box 32
Saint Georges
West Indies

Tel 473-443-5621

I am currently being treated for prostate Cancer at the University of Florida Proton Beam radiation therapy.

I was diagnosed at the Veterans Hospital West Palm Beach, Florida.

I left the Navy in 1967 but kept in contact with our Captain Len Hoke for many years. Captain Hoke lived in Virginia Beach and retired shortly after leaving the Altair. He and his wife Pat were friends for many years as a matter of fact I spoke with her today.

Capt Hoke passed away several years ago.

A. Question: Do any of my shipmates know if the Altair carried agent Orange during that 1967 time period? I was informed at the VA Hospital that agent Orange is directly related to Prostate cancer.

B. Question: If so, if Altair carried this type of cargo. How would I verify the cargo papers?

C. I would be curiously interested if any other shipmates have been diagnosed with that type of cancer?

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

Jay Kerney

PS I was unaware until today that we had a reunion and website?

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Unknown said...

My father was Jimmy Norton - he just passed away last week. He's been receiving disability benefits for Agent Orange so I assume they must be able to prove there was Agent Orange on the Altair.