Monday, February 02, 2009

January 2009 by Charles Brecheisen

We are having a mild winter here in East Texas with no snow and only a bit of sleet. But, February is always our worst month for weather.

ALTAIR SHIPMATES PASSING: I received information about two Altair Shipmates passing; Walter Grau, CWO1 1953-1954; and Theodore A. Vietje, FPG3 1953-1954.

NEW ALTAIR SHIPMATES: The following Altair Shipmates came aboard in January:

Robert G. Lough, SK3, 1953-1956; resides in Clarksburg, WV
John E. Keyes, MM3, 1953-1954; resides in Cleves, OH
Cecil G. Haight, EM3, 1953-1954; resides in San Jose, CA
Hoyt F. Richardson, SN, 1953-1955; resides in Ulrichsville, OH
L. Ray Marchant, SK2, 1960-1961; resides in Savannah, GA
Lewis E. Ryan, RMC, 1953-1954; 89 years young and resides in Sturgis, MS


FINANCIAL: WOW!!! We have 54 dues paying shipmates!! This is a world record! There was 30 that paid in December and their dollars are reflected in the December totals. There were 24 shipmates paying dues in January. The starting cash balance was $910.00 with cash receipts of $320.00 and expenses of $124.41 leaving a cast balance of $1105.59. The saving account balance is $1813.00 leaving a total balance of $2918.59. Expenses were mainly postage, PDF software and printing.

ALTAIR REUNION: More reunion information will be forthcoming very soon. I know we are all looking forward to the October reunion in Branson, Missouri!

All for now. Please do not reply to this email!! If you wish to contact me, plus use cmbaltairaks32 @ fastmail . us

Best Regards To All.........Charles

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