Saturday, August 25, 2007

July 2007 by Charles Brecheisen

SHIPMATE: I had an email concerning Frank McCrystal, SK2, 1955-58 that he recently had open heart surgery. Our thoughts and prayers are with Frank and the McCrystal family.

NAVY DRILL TEAM: The U.S. Navy drill team is truly outstanding! You can view them in action by going to and doing a search on "Navy Norway"; and when the list comes up, click on the first one. This is for high speed internet connections only. I downloaded the 53.5 meg. file and it plays much better from the computer download. I watch this movie at least once a month.

COMPUTER: The power supply in my desktop computer popped, sparked and burned a couple of days ago. And, of course, everything is on the desktop. I could use the laptop, but it runs Vista and is not compatible with my XP files. Thank you very much Bill Gates. So, hopefully, it is only the power supply and it can be repaired. I will know in a few days.

FINANCIAL: Well, my specific figures are on the desktop, but here are some totals. The beginning July balance was $1949.05 with $185.00 cash received and no expenses leaving a balance of $2134.05. Most of this was for the Altair Memorial Plaque.

ALTAIR PLAQUE: Money and pledges are still coming in and the total is around $1500 not. GREAT JOB SHIPMATES! Keep 'em coming!

WEB SITE: Are there any HTML gurus out there? I am not able to change anything on our website as the uSoft software I used is a million years out of date. We need a web guru to do a new Altair website. Any takers, please contact me at

Tom Planes et al are still working on a 'mini reunion' either late September or early October in Charleston. Please contact Tom with any info/commitments, etc. at More info to follow when available.

That's all from this end. Please contact me at with any comments, etc.

Best Wishes To All.......Charles

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