Thursday, September 07, 2017

August 2017 by Charles M Brecheisen

Greetings Altair Shipmates.  Here is your monthly report for August 2017.

HURRICANES:  Wow!  There are 3 active hurricanes right now.  Plus the one that tore out and flooded the Texas Gulf Coast.  Our thoughts andcprayers go out to the to the all people residing in the paths.

FIREFOX:  For some reason, my Firefox log in account has become squirreled and I have been trying to fix the problem for the past several days.  Even after a couple of resets it still does not even halfway work.  Thank goodness I have been able to transfer most all of the info to Microsoft Edge.  Any other recommendations?

REUNION:  The reunion is just a few weeks away.  We will be keeping an eye on the possible Irma storm hit moving up the east coast.  If you need additional info, please contact Shipmate Dick Stader at 262-654-9202 or "dickandterry5 [at]"

FINANCIAL:  Current cash-on-hand $500.80 and savings of $8,545.32 for a total of $9,046.12.  No income or expenses.

All for now.  Any comments or questions please use "cmbaltairaks32 [at]"

Best Wishes To All........Charles

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