Friday, December 11, 2015

Newsletter revision

Greetings Altair Crew.  I missed a revision to our Altair savings.

FINANCIAL:  The current cash-on-hand is $447.75 and the saving account is $8545.32 bringing the total to $8993.07.

SHIPMATES PASSING:  I was informed of the following shipmates passing:

     Czajak, Thomas E., SN, 1953-1954 (Passed 22 May 2015)
          501 Calhoun St.
          East Syracuse, NY 13057-1825
          jczajak [at]

     Head, Thomas A., SK2 1967-1969 (Passed a few days ago)
          2649 Lafayette Avenue
          Bethelem, PA 18017-4025

     Our sincerest condolences to the respective families.  I have sent condolence cards to the families.

Best Regards To All.........Charles

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