Monday, March 02, 2015

February 2015 by Charles Brecheisen

Greetings Altair Shipmates.  Here is your monthly report for February 2015.

FINANCIAL:  The beginning cash-on-hand was $277.59 with dues income of $90.00 and expenses of $37.25 leaving a balance of $330.34.  Expenses were costs for the Altair Internet name and the Altair email site.  The beginning and ending balance of the Altair savings account is $8068.25 with the total Altair cash of $8398.59.  

NEW ALTAIR SHIPMATES:  Please welcome aboard:

    Roger Tweed, ET3, 1959-1961.  Shipmate Tweed resides in Mundelein, IL.

    Alan R. King, RMC, 1961-1963.  Shipmate King resides in Wakefield, NH

ALTAIR SHIPMATES PASSING:  The following Altair shipmates have passed:

    Carl A. Bulgrin, DT3, 1957, Passed 19 May 2007

    Raymond E. Glatz, CWO2, 1957-1959, Passed in 2000

    Willis L. Scoggins, LT, 1957-1958, Passed 28 June 2009

    Robert E. Sullivan, FT1, 1958-1960

    Karol W. Ladka, QMSN, 1953-1955, Passed Dec. 24, 2014

Thanks and kudos to Bruce Davis for the above information!!

NOTES:  See below for information and forms for the upcoming Branson, MO reunion.

WOW, what a winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even for East Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All for now.  Please do NOT reply to this email.  For additional info and questions, please use cmbaltairaks32 [at]

Best Wishes To All................Charles

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