Monday, November 10, 2014

Reunions: Las Vegas and next year by Dick Stader

To all hands USS Altair Association, Shipmates I have a few items that I want all hands to be aware of and to act upon in the very near future and that is the status of our Reunion both the one we just had in Las Vegas and the next years if and when we decide to have one. I say this because the reunion we just had in Vegas was not very well attended and putting on the reunion is a big job and if we can't seem to generate enough interest in coming to the reunion, then whats the point in going to all the time and trouble of doing it. I will say this, that this years reunion was a good one and every one that attended had a great time and we all want to have another one next year but we need your support and input to make it a success. 

At the meeting held during the reunion the following places were suggested, Branson Mo. Norfolk Va. Savanna Ga. Nashville Tn. somewhere in the north east like New York City Maine and I think that was about it. Since we got back home I have heard from Jim Brayden  about Savanna Ga. that he is looking into and also from Pam Brown who took care of us in 2009 in Branson and since then Dan Douglas has been in contact with Pam about several places that sound interesting to Dan and myself such as Providence RI. and  or Newport RI. In any case WE NEED YOUR INPUT AND YOUR HELP WITH OUR NEXT REUNION, IF THERE IS TO BE A NEXT ONE,NOW!!!!, so come on shipmates let me know what you want to do and where and myself and the rest of the board members will make a choice based on what you tell us. E-mail me at or call me at 262-654-9202 any time and if I am not home leave me a message.   

Thank You to all   Dick Stader     

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