Saturday, September 27, 2014

Email from Dave Schultz

I don't usually do this, but thought the shipmates might find this email interesting. It is from Dave Schultz at and he has located several articles our "E" commendation in 1961 and our service in the Missile Crises. Email follows:

To: Dick Braun 


US Navy - Fall 2014 Newsletter 


ALL HANDS MAIN INDEX - 1000+ New Articles Posted 

Example:  Way Back When: The Evolution of Nautical Terms 

Click on: 

To view ALL posted ALL HANDS Articles by category, click on:  

The ALL HANDS project was started in 2012.  Extracting 75 years of articles,
categorizing them, and building and refining the code to make them available
is a big job.  I foresee posting 1000 articles with each Spring and Fall
Newsletter over the next couple of years. 

Much, much, much more ALL HANDS to come! 


1600+ Ship and Sub RIGHT SHOULDER ROCKERS for RATING Shirts 

Please consider supporting by making a purchase for
yourself or as a gift for a shipmate: 

To view the NAVY RATING SHIRT with: 

Rocker = U.S.S. ALTAIR   


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God bless and protect our Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines as we
again face a determined and ruthless enemy.

My best wishes to you and yours for the oncoming Holiday Season, 

Dave Schultz - Web PO

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