Thursday, July 12, 2012

May 2012 by Charles Brecheisen

NEW SHIPMATE:  Please welcome aboard Shipmate Donald J. Golem.  
Shipmate Golen was a PN3, aboard 1961-1963 and resides in Shavertown, PA.  WELCOME ABOARD!

SHIPMATES:  My snail mail list has 489 current shipmates.  
Approximately 140 do not have email capability.  That's not bad starting from 6 shipmates about ten years ago.  Shipmate Bruce Davis has done an outstanding job tracking down shipmates.  Thanks Bruce!

FINANCIAL:  The beginning May cash-on-hand balance was $1727.69 with dues income of $25.00 and expenses of $126.55 leaving a balance of $1626.14.  The expense was the Altair web site yearly cost.  The beginning and ending saving account balance was $5866.46.  The total Altair cash account is $7492.60.  A total of 43 shipmates have paid dues this year.  And, dues are ONLY $10.00 a year!

That's all from this end.  Please do not reply to this email and it will be automatically deleted.  Please us cmbaltairaks32 [at] for any comments or questions.

Best Regards To All..........Charles

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