Sunday, April 03, 2011

March 2011 by Charles Brecheisen

Greetings Altair Crew. Here is your report for March 2011.

NEW SHIPMATES: Please welcome aboard the following new shipmates:

Edward J. Rice RMSN 1961-1963, Lincolnton, GA
Walter Johnson, SN, 1960-1962, Old Greenwich, CT
Robert E. Sullivan, CPO, Ret'd, 1953, Chuncey, OH

The beginning on-hand cash balance was $1358.73 with $30 in dues bringing the total to $1388.76. The beginning and ending savings balance is $5165.90 bringing a total cash balance of $6554.66. No expenses. A total of 47 shipmates have paid dues. THANKS!

PLEASE SEND RAIN TO EAST TEXAS! We got a March total of .49 inches.

MISC1: Thanks to the shipmates asking that I join Facebook. Sorry, but I don't Facebook and will not Facebook due to some of their terms and conditions with the main one being that that they sell and distribute personal information.

MISC2: Thanks to the shipmates that forward and pass around very interesting emails. If you forward email, PLEASE send them to yourself or a fictitious address and add the other shipmates addresses in the Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) address space. Then DELETE all the email addresses in the body of the email. This will prevent bots from stealing addresses and cut down on SPAMs.

Best Wishes To All............Charles

"Pray for rain"

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