Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All Hands USS Altair AKS 32

From: 2009 Reunion Chairman
Subj: Veterans Day Message

I waited until today to send this out and Charles I hope I am not asking too much of you to forward it on for me today on this day set aside for all of us Veterans. I want to say thank you to all of you out there, both Shipmates and wives/girl friends and invited guest who came to Branson and celebrated another years reunion and harmony and unity, and to tell you that it was my great pleasure to serve as chairman for this years reunion, and to see each and every one of my old shipmates and wives and friends and to get to spend some time together with you, brought me a great amount of joy and I look forward eagerly to next years reunion in Nashville, where we can once again enjoy the camaraderie of old friends and shipmates. HAPPY VETERANS DAY TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, and may you always have FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS. On another note I want to tell you that all that in the November Issue of the FRA magazine, there is a guy looking for crew members from the USS Marias, Aucilla and Altair who is working on a book about all of us stationed in or visited Barcelona from 1951 through 1987 and willing to share your recollections of life aboard ship, impressions of Barcelona, or related photos. If you are contact Xavier Theros at

I have not contacted him yet but I plan on it. Once again, Happy Veterans Day To All.

Dick Stader

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