Sunday, May 06, 2007

April 2007 by Charles Brecheisen

Greetings Altair Shipmates. Here is your report for April 2007.

NEWSLETTER: I got newsletter returns as undeliverable from John Dachtler, Woody Halsey, Thomas Howarth, Edward Randell, Paul Lanzone, Earl Sniffin, Daniel Tomei. Anyone know their whereabouts?

FINANCIAL: The beginning balance was $1148.05 with dues receipts of $375.00 and wall plaque receipts of $190.00 with expenses of $39.00 leaving a balance of $1674.05.

COMMEMORATIVE WALL PLAQUE: We only have $1080 in cash and commitments. We need $2500! Come on shipmates!

SHIPMATE PASSING: I received the following mail:

Dear Gentlemen:

It is with considerable regret that I inform you that David Nightingale passed on last August 2006. I know he was happy to be a part of your alumni group and truly enjoyed the news and activity of the website.

I didn't know how to reach you at the time, but the recent mailing (snail mail) gave me the information I needed to be in touch.

Warmest regards to all you who have so ably served our nation.

Sincerely, Mrs. David Nightingale

Shipmate Nightingale was a SK3 and served aboard the Altair 1962-1964. Mrs. Nightingale can be reached at 3 Chaucer St., Sandwich, MA 02563

REUNION: Paul Licker has volunteered to assist in the next reunion. Any other volunteers can contact Paul at Paul resided in Melbourne, Florida.

Best Regards To All, Charles Brecheisen, Holly Lake Ranch, Texas
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