Tuesday, January 02, 2007

December 2006 by Charles Brecheisen


Let's all have a happy, prosperous and especially healthy 2007!

NAVY PLAY CALLING: I don't know who the coach was that called the last play in the Navy bowl game........but, he should be keel hauled, strung up on a yard arm, made to walk the plank, given 100 lashes and thrown in the brig.

SHIPMATES: Please welcome aboard Karl Carey, EM2, April 1963 - July 1964. Karl resides in House Springs, MO. WELCOME ABOARD KARL! We how have a total of 412 shipmates on board!

FINANCES: The beginning balance was $1425.57 with $25.00 received in dues and no expenses leaving a balance of $1450.57. The "special fund" remains the same.

PHOTO WEB SITE: As you have probably noticed, I have taken down all the photographs on the Altair web site. Dick Braun has done an outstanding job in uploading all the photos to a new Altair photographic web site. Please visit the site at http://www.altair.smugmug.com and view all the photos. This makes viewing the Altair photos much easier. Dick is also running the Altair blog site at http://aks32.blogspot.com Be sure and visit both sites!

All for now. Please contact me with any comments or questions as cmbaltairaks32@fastmail.us


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