Monday, January 02, 2006

DECEMBER 2005 REPORT by Charles Brecheisen

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006......It's hard for me to believe that 2006 is here already. Where did 2005 go? I hope everyone has a happy prosperous and a very healthy New Year in 2006.

SHIPMATES: Please welcome aboard:
Keith C. Fraser, ENS, 1966-1968. residing in Swanzey, NH

FINANCIAL: There were no expenses in December and $25 income bringing the year-end balance to $867.07. There were 32 shipmates that paid dues in 2005. It has been suggested that we drop the yearly dues from $25 to either $5 or $10
and make then mandetory. Comments please...........

PHOTOGRAPHS: I have received quite a few new photos from Robert Rati and hope to have these on line soon.

U.S. NAVY MEMORIAL COMMEMORATIVE WALL: Joe Basso has come up with a great idea of having a USS Altair AKS32 plaque on the "U.S. Navy Memorial Commemorative Wall." For those shipmates not familiar with the Navy Commemorative Wall,
please visit Navy Commemorative Wall. The USS Altair AKS32 can have a memorial plaque placed on the wall which would a great tribute to all the shipmates that served on the Altair. At the present time, this is still in
the "working" stage and we are looking for dollar pledges and not soliciting donations. There has already been several hundred dollars pledges! Please give this worthwhile cause consideration and make a pledge.

All for now. Please contact me with any comments or questions.

Best Regards To All:

Charles Brecheisen
248 Drifting Cloud
Holly Lake Ranch, TX 75765-6321

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