Tuesday, April 26, 2005


As a follow-up to the inaugural USS Altair reunion on May 13th thru May 15th 2004 at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Norfolk, VA, in early 2005, Charles Brecheisen sent out a mailing to all shipmates. Included in that mailing was a survey that he asked you to complete and return. If you were one of the 57 shipmates (14%) that completed the survey, we all thank you!!! Without your opinions, the reunion committee would be making assumptions. Please feel free to add additional comments and if you haven’t voted, do so now at the "comments" link at the end of this article!

The following locations were suggested by the responses for our next reunion:

Anywhere/No Opinion, Atlanta, Baltimore Cruise, Barcelona, Baton Rouge LA, Bermuda, Boston, Bronson MO, Buffalo NY, Charleston, Chicago, Cleveland, Erie PA, FL Cruise, Florida, Ft Lauderdale FL, Jacksonville, Key West FL, Las Vegas, Midwest, Mobile Cruise, NO. LA, Naples, Nashville, New York, Newport RI, Norfolk, Ohio, Orlando FL, Pearl Harbor, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pigeon Forge TN, San Diego, Savannah, Springfield MO, Texas, and Washington, DC.

As you can see it is quite a list of locations!

The ballets are tallied and the first four selections in each choice are as follows:

1st Choice: Florida Cruise 14, Norfolk 7, Barcelona 6, Charleston 5
2nd Choice: San Diego 7, Charleston 5, Norfolk 4, Naples 3
3rd Choice: Norfolk 6, Las Vegas 4, NO LA 4, Charleston 3

From all categories the total per location is: Norfolk 17, Florida Cruise 14, Charleston 13, San Diego 7, Barcelona 6, Las Vegas 4, NO LA 4, and Naples 3.

Florida (various locations) had 24 votes from all categories while Anywhere/No Opinion had: 1st Choice 4, 2nd Choice 15, and 3rd Choice 22.

Charles also reports that there were 18 volunteers (32%) to assist in the planning, organization, and various event tasks! Wow, what a great group!

For the second reunion the committee is seriously considering Tampa ‘Ø7 in the springtime. Either trying to get a cruise or at the lease a tour of the American Victory.

Any additional comments, thoughts or votes? Let us hear from you!!!

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Mike Troiano SN/BM3 63-65 said...

The Fl.cruise option should be clarified.Some shipmates favored a 7 day Caribbean type cruise whereas others were thinking about the day cruise out of Tampa on the American Victory.So basically the Fl.cruise option is one or the other.