Monday, March 28, 2005

USS Altair AKS 32

This page is a test for tha Altair blog.


Mike Troiano SN/BM3 63-65 said...

Hi Dick,Thanks for the invite and the opportunity to meet you via this blog.I managed to get in eventually and to sign up although I had a hard time coming up with a user name that would work.In any event,I enjoyed looking over your bio.We just missed one another on Altair as I came aboard during late Jan.or early 1963 while she was in the East Boston shipyard.You only missed a lot of work and some fairly cold temperatures.I was originally assigned to the second division but eventually moved forward to the first division maybe to fill your billet when you departed in March.Do you remember the BM3 by the name of Bahm or something like this? I hit it off fairly well with him and eventually found myself being a BM striker.Finally made BM3 during 1964 and got off Altair in Jan/65 and out of the Navy.How do we go about inviting other shipmates to join this blog? I assume they need to be invited.I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Dick Braun SN/MA 62 - 63 said...

Mike can you describe (the appearance) of the BM3 "Bahm". He may be the fellow that I am trying to remember.

Mike Troiano SN/BM3 63-65 said...

He was about 6'maybe a hair over with light hair and a wiry build.Wore a fairly dingy baseball cap most of the time and salty jeans.Always had a cup of coffee going.Was friendly with a BM3 from 2nd Division by the name of Matheny.Bahm hailed from NJ possibly Bayonne as I seem to recall.Does this description fit your recollection? Do you remember JJ Kennedy or Goose Gosselin? Both were SN's and worked up front in the 1st Div.The other BM3's that I recall were Soto and Hellings.There is a picture at the site of Hellings with Dogface Quinn submitted by Ensign/LTJG George Kirchner.

Dick Braun SN/MA 62 - 63 said...

Mike that would be him. I guess that I never knew him by another name but "boats". Has anyone been able to track him down, and are you sure of the spelling of his name?

I'v been waiting to hear from the others (Altair Committee) about using using the blog and there thoughts about it... don't want to step on anybodies toes!!! As near as I can tell you are the only one that has taken up the challange of reviewing the site.

Get me a blessing from the five and I will make it available and maintain it.


Charles Brecheisen said...

Hi Dick and Mike. Well, you surely have my blessing; and, it looks great! I will copy your pics and add them to the Altair history books.

Mike Troiano SN/BM3 63-65 said...

Hi Dick,I've been in touch with Charles and he will send the mailing info he has on Wales and he will also send a mailing to A.T Bohm to see if he is our old shipmate.I've managed to create a profile and with help from Charles post a picture of me and my wife taken during the 5/04 reunion in Norfolk.Hopefully,other shipmates will soon view the blog and create their profiles too.Thanks again for your interest........Mike